Moving house can be one of life’s most stressful events. However, by careful planning and organisation. You can reduce the amount of hassle and worry on the moving day.

De-clutter you unwanted items

A simple way of reducing the amount of items you have to take with you is by donating clothes, curtains and children’s toys to Charity shops. There are also sites such as that will give you cash for your unwanted CDs, games and DVDs. With online services such as Netflix and Spotify, they items are not needed and usually just gather dust.

Numbering your boxes

It’s easier to write ‘1’ or ‘2’ than ‘kitchen’ or ‘small bedroom’ on forty boxes.

Moving Day Box

Document Box

Passports, house deeds, birth and marriage certificates, moving van receipts and other important papers. Keep them together to avoid worry and reduce the likelihood of losing them.

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